IT Onsite - Support

Installation &
Commissioning Support

On Demand Installation & Commissioning Support

  1. IT Products
    1. Laptop, Desktops, Printers.
    2. Servers, Storages, Networking, Firewall.
  2. Electrical Equipment
    1. Industrial UPS
  3. Security Systems
    1. CCTV, Bio Matrix devices, Fire Alarms, EPABX
  4. AV Equipment
    1. Audio & Video Conferencing
    2. Projector Servicing and Maintenance

On Demand Resource
– D'FORCE Concept

On Demand Resource – D'FORCE Concept

  1. Resource mobilization through third party, freelance and jobseekers (Individual to Co.).
  2. Building Competency Mapped Technical buffer capacity/ Resource bank –IT&CE
  3. Provide businesses with professional, lowest down time, and cost effective incident handling, with inline competencies.

Desktop / Notebook
- On Site Support

Desktop/Notebook – Onsite Support

  1. SLA Based, On Demand On Site Support
  2. Hardware & Software Service Support for Laptop, Desktops.
  3. Unique Delta “DISC” Contract for Corporate Clients and Consumer.

Resident Engineer

Resident Engineer Support

  1. Resident Engineer deployment for Corporate Clients L1, L2, L3 support.
  2. On Demand Support, Periodic, weekly/monthly basis
  3. NOC Support.

Tab / Convertible
Service Support

Tab / Convertible Service Support

  1. SLA Based On Demand Onsite Support.
  2. Hardware & Software Service Support.
  3. Unique Delta DISC Contract for Corporate Clients and Consumer.

Server / Network

Server / Networking Support

  1. SLA Based On Demand Onsite Hardware & Software Service Support.
  2. Infrastructure Management.
  3. Data Center Installation/Migration Support.
  4. Server & Virtualization Support.
  5. Firewall, Router & Switches Installation & Configuration Support.

Consumer Onsite - Support

Installation & Product
Demonstration Support

Entertainment Products
Maintenance & Repair Support

Gaming/Smart Devices
Electronic gadgets & Tech toys

Home System Integration
/ Upgrade / Customization Support