Tips to improve the battery life of your android phones

tips to improve the battery life of your android phones

1. Manage the screen brightness:

It is recommended to turn off the “Auto Adjust Brightness” of your mobile phone and manually adjust the brightness of the screen to the minimum based on your comfort. High brightness not just consumes more battery, but is also harmful to the eyes with continuous use.

2. Auto syncing hogs power:

There are many apps in the android device like mail, social and third-party apps which sync automatically with their respective services. This auto-syncing can not only drain your device’s battery resources but also eat up precious data bytes. You can manually control the sync feature as per your requirement.

3. Turn off all the additional features when not in use:

Turning off all additional features will save battery life. If GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled, but not connected to anything, your mobile phone wastes battery trying to find a new connection. Hence, you can switch on the features only when required and switch off immediately after use.

4. Turn off visual effects, live wallpaper & widgets:

Avoid using live wallpapers, Widgets and moving wallpapers as it consumes more battery.

5. Use the “Power Saving Mode” feature:

Mobile Phones usually have an in-built “Power Saving Mode” feature which can be activated or deactivated by the user. Once this feature is activated, it enables the increase contrast and reduces Motion, disables Background App Refresh, disables location services and disables Cellular Data if connected to Wi Fi.

6. Do not overcharge:

Some people have the habit of plugging in their mobile to charge and leave it overnight. It is always recommended to make sure you unplug it from the charger after it reaches 100%. Overcharging causes the mobile to get heated up which is not good for the battery.