Coronavirus outbreak: Here’s how you can keep your Electronic gadgets clean and sanitised

COVID-19 likely has you aware of how many times a day you touch your face, but how about how many times a day you touch your phone and other devices?

Your cell phone and other devices such as laptops, tablets, cameras, and headphones can be a carrier of microbial life forms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Here are some important tips to help you disinfect your gadgets and make them safe to use in the Covid-19 era.

 Covid sanitize 

Tips to sanitize your gadgets:

  1. Safety First: First of all wear disposable gloves, Turn off your device and unplug the power cord along with other connected external devices. Remove any installed batteries from items such as wireless keyboards before cleaning.

  2. What to use: To disinfect your phone or other devices, you should use an alcohol- based solution that consists of 30% water and 70% isopropyl alcohol.

    Sanitize your phone or laptops at least once a day. You can also use a slightly damp lint-free cloth to wipe your device

  3. Safe products: Avoid aerosol sprays and cleaning solutions that contain bleach or abrasives.

  4. Protect Your Device: Keep liquids and moisture away from any openings on the device.

Do’s:  Use cotton buds to clean the charging ports and do not forget to also sanitize your phone cover.

Don’t: spray cleaners directly onto the device. Avoid using Household cleaners, Bleach, Compressed air, Vinegar, Paper towel, Window cleaner directly on the phone screen or it can leave the phone and device damaged.