Common issues in System (Laptop/ Desktop)

There are some Laptop and Desktop issues, you can fix them yourself with a few simple steps.

Common Laptop Issues

  1. System Overheating:

One of main issue is overheating, which affects laptop performance, and often causes the laptop to crash & freeze.

While functioning for longer duration laptops generates lot of heat. Because of their architecture ventilation is limited too. Dust accumulation is most common where dust particles can block air vents and resist the system from getting cool.


1) Cleaning air vents with a keyboard cleaner or a smooth cloth.

2) Updating System’s BIOS (Basic  Input and Output System).

  1. USB Port issues:

If your system USB port stops working because of hardware or software issues. Below are some solutions


  1. Restart the system
  2. Uninstall USB port driver
  3. Disable USB Selective suspend


  1. System keeps randomly disconnecting from Wi- Fi 

Windows has built-in power saver options that give less power to the network card. You can disable this feature.  If wi fi is working well but system keeps disconnecting from it, then you can disable this option.


  1. Restart your system and Network devices.
  2. Disable Network adapter power saving setting.
  3. Update Network driver.
  4. Change Scan valid interval.


  1. Monitor issues

i) Blank Monitor/ Screen – if the System is showing blank screen with message like No Input or Cable not Connected, then this could be issue with the monitor itself or graphics card.

Fix: Replace power cable

ii) Monitor goes black after few seconds

Fix: Press the windows logo key+Ctrl+shift+B, Reinstall Graphics Card Driver


  1. Keyboards issues:

Common causes of keyboard issues with simple solutions you can fix them easily;

i) System is not taking inputs from keyboard, then plug the keyboard in the keyboard port and reboot the laptop/ computer, if the keyboard still does not work on boot-up then, you can replace with new keyboard.

ii) if the keyboard is not detected due to problem with your drivers, then install the driver and check it.


  1. Battery drains fast:

The main common issue System user face is having a short battery life, as soon as you connect to network or pair with Bluetooth, your battery begins to drain much faster.


  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when system not in use.
  • Lower Display brightness.
  • Use battery saver.


  1. System Crash:

System Crash occur when software application or Operating system stop functioning properly.

There are few causes a system to crash

i) Errors in OS (Operating System, Computer Hardware).

ii) RAM (Random access memory) stores get corrupted.

iii) Due to excessive heat, CPU can also be the source of crashes.

Fix: Reinstall the OS, Re-fix the RAM.

  1. Viruses or Malware:

Most of us ask a question, do we need to install antivirus software?, well technically no, if you are using Windows 10, then Microsoft has built-in  antivirus programme called Microsoft Antivirus defender.